Our Approach:

Our multi-faceted approach and process is unique and offers participants opportunities to explore themselves, their purpose, and their relationships while providing a container for deep healing and personal transformation. Global Harmony’s workshop series is a profound and life-changing experience that goes beyond traditional models of self-exploration by delving into deep healing that results in personal transformation. To facilitate such transformation, Global Harmony creates a loving, safe and supportive environment. Our approach is not just theoretical, but provides opportunities to improve your life in a hands-on way, one choice of freedom at a time. In the course, you can see your life transform with each day you are in training.


In partnership with Global Harmony you will have the opportunity to look at what is working and not working in your life. While doing this, you will have the environment to begin healing so you can act in freedom, no longer being defined by your past.


  • Identify what it is that prevents you from having everything you want in life.
  • Claim a greater sense of clarity, confidence, and authentic power.
  • Make peace with past issues and events, move forward, and experiencing your life freely and fully.
  • Enhance your personal skills to achieve loving, joyful, healthy relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

The Group Process:

Our unique group process method works in conjunction with your personal therapeutic journey – whether that is in individual therapy, or a life path of personal development. We empower each student to have an individualized experience of his or her unique life story while weaving opportunities for an integrated experience of connectedness to others throughout the entire course. The group setting allows individuals to have their own unique experience while giving them opportunities to create new healing circles of growth and change within a community.  Many people who struggle with social anxiety and depression find that though the group experience is difficult at first, it is, by far, the most valuable component of the course. This is in part because Global Harmony is committed to providing a safe environment and because we are dedicated to free will and choice. You have opportunities to participate in group process and opportunities to work individually. Our commitment to personal freedom extends to your participation. You will never be pressured to disclose your process to the group and you will have opportunities to share if you would like. Our only requirement is that you engage in personal self disclosure – in order to gain maximum value from the course, you must be willing to be honest with yourself about your process, your story, and your results.