Global Harmony is a three level transformational program that has a track record of improving the lives of its graduates in every area of their lives.


The program consists of a series of workshops designed for personal and professional development.The dynamic curriculum is experiential and didactic, allowing for a variety of individuals with unique backgrounds, experiences and learning styles to fundamentally improve all aspects of their life.

Level 1

The First Level of the three part series is a dynamic and experiential course that gives you opportunities to confront the experiences that have shaped your epistemology (way of knowing the world). The curriculum exercises allow you to connect with the lost hopes and dreams or dark fears and shame and then transform the patterns of behavior and ways of thinking that have limited your potential.

Level 2

The Second Level of Global Harmony expands on first level processes and gives you opportunities to reconnect even more to what Harmony calls, “Spirit”. This is the part of us that is connected to something greater, the part that makes us wiggle, the part that many spiritual or religious groups have labeled “Soul” or “Higher Self”. As you embark on highly experiential and deeply transformational processes, you will gain a greater

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understanding of the beliefs and behaviors that have limited your self actualization and have opportunities to remove roadblocks and barriers of unresolved trauma and emotion that perpetuate your self- limiting behaviors. Through providing corrective emotional experiences, challenging old ways of thinking and restructuring cognitive distortions, our students find a profound and deep connection to their true interconnected nature. The course then supports this true nature in its expansion by creating opportunities for self-expression, giving each student a taste of self actualization. The group setting allows individuals to have their own unique experience while giving them opportunities to create new healing circles of growth and change within a community.

Level 3

The Third Level supports you in taking this inward journey out into your relationships, your community and our world. Global Harmony expects each of its students to move beyond their own transformational process and out into the world as an agent for transformation and change. It is an integrative process that supports your new practice in being whole. A practice where you begin to actualize the capacities of a mature adult integrated

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with the freedom and spontaneity of your inner child. Through this integration into your life, you will access and actualize your highest potential… as a leader… a partner… a parent… a human being.